Rongali Bihu: A Festival Of Happiness And Red Stained Palms!

Bohag Bihu celebration is incomplete without applying jetuka
Bohag Bihu celebration is incomplete without applying jetuka

Guwahati, April 13, 2019

When a cuckoo’s melodies voice lands in your ears, you will know Bohag (spring) has arrived. Assam is gearing up to celebrate Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu which marks the beginning of Assamese new year. It is one of the major festivals celebrated in Assam.

It’s the time of the year when women can be seen draped in a red and golden muga mekhela chador, palms decorated with jetuka (organic henna) with bun adorned with kopou phool (foxtail orchids) welcoming the festival of happiness.

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The celebrations of Bohag Bihu brings along a bagful of rituals and among them applying jetuka on the palms holds a major significance.

Assamese women apply jetuka in the palms of their hands and feet on the eve of Bohag Bihu which leaves a rich dark red colour. The aroma and the rich colour of jetuka lift up the spirit of Bihu among the people.

Jetuka is used to cure various ailments that are hardly known to us. Some of them are:

  • Jetuka or organic mehendi keeps all skin diseases at bay. It can protect the skin from infections and eliminate inflammation.
  • It can reduce high blood pressure when applied in feet and palms.
  • Organic mehendi also does wonders to our nails. If applied to our nails, it will protect from bacterial infections.
  • It is the best medicine to cure irritation of prickly heat that most of us suffer during the summers.
  • If you have sweaty palms and feet burning sensation, apply jetuka, it will definitely solve your problem.
  • Jetuka is also used for hair and scalp treatment. It is also a natural colouring agent which when applied and washed leaves a beautiful reddish colour. It also protects the hair from premature greying and dandruff.
  • Jetuka leaves are used to cure major ailments like jaundice, chicken pox, bleeding diarrhoea and many more.

Let the spirit of Rongali Bihu fill your lives with all the rich colours as dark and vibrant as Jetuka leaves.