Shocking | 14-Year-Old Raped and Slaughtered in Hailakandi

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Guwahati, March 16:  The ever-increasing rape cases of minors and teenagers, and defilement of young girls have assumed an alarming proportion in the state. While the rising number of cases have posed a daunting challenge to a stable functioning of a society, the rationale behind such abysmal masculine bestiality still remains difficult to comprehend.  In yet another such heinous incident, 14-year-old was raped and brutally murdered in Hailakandi district on Thursday, triggering an outrage among the locals.

As per reports, the incident took place at the residence of the victim located in Betsora Purbashree village along the Mizoram border, in Hailakandi district, after the minor girl had just reached back home after school. The accused took the opportunity to enter the house of the tribal girl, considering her parents were at work and, raped her followed by brutally murdering her to conceal his crime.

The accused has been identified as Jashim Uddin Borbhuyan.

The parents of the victim, on reaching home, found the mutilated body of their daughter who was also sexually assaulted, while they immediately informed the Kalisera Police of Hailakandi district.

Police immediately rushed to take charge of the situation, while sending the body of deceased for post-mortem to Hailakandi Civil Hospital.

Following the complaints made by the family of the victim, the police launched a search operation. However, the accused Jashim Uddin Borbhuyan has managed to escape and is yet to be caught by the police.

Meanwhile, the local people have demanded immediate punishment to the accused for such a heinous crime.