231 teachers have so far committed suicide due to unpaid wages in Assam

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Guwahati, February 10: A suicide rate of 231 has been reported amongst school teachers working in venture schools across Assam due to intense poverty and frustration induced by unpaid wages. All Assam Middle English Teachers Association has thereby addressed a letter to the state Education Minister, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, emphasizing this frightful plight of the teachers of these venture schools.

In the letter addressed to the Education Minister, All Assam Middle English Teachers Association has stated that these venture schools of the state have been imparting education to at least 40% of the students while serving this noble cause with unpaid wages, which remains a grave matter of concern. As per records, some of these teachers have been serving for 25-30 years while many have retired without due payment of their salary.

As per Assam Venture Educational Institutions (Provincialisation of Services) Act 2011, 8490 educational institutions have been provincialised in 2013. Under this act, the services of 33,668 teachers of 6608 schools had to be provincialised, which has however been kept on hold. According to the complaint made by the association, 3,135 Higher Secondary Schools have been further deprived of the provincialisation that took place in 2013.

Distressed, the All Assam Middle English Teachers Association has demanded the Education Minister to provincialise the services of the teachers and other staffs of these recognized educational institutions of the state by implementing necessary amendments in the Venture Educational Institutions Provincialization Act 2017, failing which they intend to stage a massive protest.