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    Head To Naga Super Model Gloria Rengma’s Instagram To Up Your Fashion Game

    Gloria Regma has been turning eyeballs not just for her life story but also for her top-notch style statement that is a treat to the eyes

    Nagaland’s pride as she is often called by many, Gloria Tep Regma created high tides after she appeared in the first season of MTV’s India’s Next Top Model, Season 1 where she was one among the finalists.

    Since then, she has been turning eyeballs not just for her life story but also for her top-notch style statement that is a treat to the eyes. Her looks transform from a girl-next-door to the boss lady that she is.

    Today we are compiling a few looks borrowed from her Instagram that we can rock every day.

    Look 1:

    This look will definitely make you a boss lady that you are. Whether you have a meeting to attend to or you have a dress code to adhere to on your workplace. This look will definitely make heads turn and you will receive admiration from everywhere. You can ditch the heels if you are a flats person and go for oxford shoes which complete your look.

    Look 2:

    Going on a brunch date? This red floral dress is the perfect option for you. This easy and breezy dress will let you move at ease and when you are with your friends you don’t want your clothes to be a hindrance. Throw on a pair of hoops and flats and you are good to go. Also, florals are a trend which is not going anywhere.

    Look 3:

    A white shirt and a pair of denim is an ensemble that every girl should have in her closet. Here, Gloria has tied a basic white shirt on her waist showing the right amount skin to break the look. A white shirt and a pair of denim is the epitome of a uber chick casual look. As they say, when in doubt, go for denim and a white t-shirt or shirt and you are good to go.

    Look 4:

    Stay true to your roots, Rightly said and this is what Gloria sticks by. Half Malayali and half Naga, we often see her photos in Instagram donning traditional attires of both the communities. Taking inspiration from these two looks is super easy and we can often mix and match the clothes which can actually show the diversity that our country has.

    Look 5:

    We are completely digging this look which is a match made in heaven for a stroll in the streets. This look is all about being comfortable and at the same time looking A game in street fashion. Just throw on your denim shirt and denim shorts with a pair of chunky sneakers and you are ready to rule the streets.

    Photo credit: @duanemendes


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