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Monday, January 18, 2021

    Salute! Guwahati Woman Shaves Her Head For Cancer Patients’ Wigs

    This woman is getting applauded all over the social media for shaving her shoulder-length hair to make wigs for cancer patients

    Does the name Angkinee Borah ring a bell? Definitely No. But let us tell you who this woman is. This woman is being applauded and appreciated for her donation to cancer patients. And no, it is not money, medicine or clothes if that what you are thinking. The woman donated her lustrous hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

    On November 10th, 2019, Angkinee shared a photo on Facebook. The photo was of her with a smiling face and with a shaved head. She captioned it as ‘What happened to my hair?’ and a long post continued.

    In the year 2003, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and since then everything changed in her life. She wrote, “Seeing my mother strolling inside the house without kajal and lipstick on her face was hard as I was used to seeing her all decked up every day. She slowly started losing all of her hair and in the year 2004 she left us.”

    Cut to 2019, Angkinee shaved off her tresses and donated to an organization called Cope With Cancer – Madat Charitable Trust, a Mumbai-based NGO which makes wigs for cancer patients. When asked about how she felt after shaving off her shoulder-length hair, she said, “I feel great that I am finally doing something for cancer patients.”

    “Back in the day, when my mother was battling with cancer, I was young and unknown to the idea of getting a wig for my mother. Now that I have the knowledge and money, unfortunately, my mother is not with me anymore. So, I thought of doing something for cancer patients and donating my hair was the best option,” she said.

    মোৰ চুলিখিনিৰ কি হল প্ৰথমতে বেলেগ এটা কথা কোৱা যাওক। 2003 চনৰ 17 মাৰ্চত মাৰ কেন্সাৰ ধৰা পৰিছিল আৰু তেতিয়াৰ পৰাই…

    Posted by Angkinee Borah on Sunday, November 10, 2019

    A resident of Guwahati, Borah has written in the heartwarming post that she has donated her body to Ellora Vigyan Mancha, which means after her death, her body will not be cremated. Instead, her body parts will be donated to people in need.

    The post has been shared 2.7k times at the time of filing this report and everyone has congratulated her for inspiring others to do something good in life.

    She ended her post by writing, “Life is short. I don’t know what will happen to me. If I am being able to do something for people in this lifetime, it will be the happiest moment for me. People might find this crazy but for me, this is happiness.”

    Indeed, a bold step by Angkinee!

    Photo credit: @Angkinee Borah


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