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Thursday, September 9, 2021

    Next step for Food Blogging; Things to look out for bloggers

    Here are some of the most important things to look out for in food blogging moving into the future.

    Food blogging has grown in leaps and bounds in the past years and businesses and individual food bloggers can do a lot to catch up or stay current. There are so many websites out there, on an endless possibility of topics.

    When it comes to food blogging, how can you make your site and recipes stand out above all others? Here are some of the most important things to look out for in food blogging moving into the future.

    Mobile Comes First

    Websites these days absolutely need to be mobile friendly because a large majority of the traffic will come from mobile devices. In fact, the latest statistics show that food blogs receive as much as 80% of their traffic from mobile. This means that food bloggers need to have website themes that are responsive and looks amazing on mobile, with the desktop content developed afterwards.

    Build Trust

    Because there are so many food blogs out there, it’s important to promote yours not only for your human customers but also for Google’s search engine to showcase yourself as the leader in the field and your trustworthiness. People will want to know right away why your recipes and your information should be trusted above others. This means you must show why you’re qualified to speak on the subject and establish yourself as a figure of authority in food blogging.

    Boost Engagement

    It’s important to have real engagement on your recipes because those that have a lot of comments and a good rating tend to rate higher on search engines. Although the algorithm is still unclear, more engagement will not harm your results, and at best will improve them. You still need to have high quality, authentic reviews, so don’t think you can write your own comments to boost your engagement.

    Review your page structure

    In previous years, people had extremely complicated website structures for their food blogging business, with recipe pages, archive pages, tags, categories, homepages, recipe index pages, the list goes on. Many of these would overlap or duplicate which created a lot of content issues. Food blogging is now moving towards a much simpler food blogging site structure that has only posts (the recipes), categories (the index), and the home page.

    When asked a Guwahati-based food blogger Kabayshree also known as Foodieforeverandever23 about her decision to start a food blog, she said, “Starting a food blog isn’t an easy task, but as long as you’re passionate about food and enjoy spending time cooking & tasting various dishes it can be a good piece of cake.”

    Kabyashree is a food & lifestyle content creator since past four years. She initially started with just creating an Instagram profile, looking for ideas of new recipes on YouTube and now have been constantly blogging through her page.


    Her some of the brand collaboration was with Epigamia Yogurt and from that time she have been associated & collaborated with endless high end brands to local brands.

    Some of the brands are ITC , ALDO, Queaker Oats, Oreo, Redbull, Lipton, KFC , Coolberg , Seagrams Blenders Pride , Oaksmith, United Spirits Limited, KRT foods, Cornitos etc.

    Moreover, she has also collaborated with various restaurants & hotels for reviews & food tasting such as ITC Mourya, Radission Blu, Vivanta By Taj, Novotel, Nuts & Brew, Mocha, Legacy- Hotel Palacio, Terra Maya etc.

    Upon asked on her inspiration, Kabyashree said, “Honestly speaking if you talk about inspiration, it’s always my keen knowledge to know about new things be it anything related to food and then I came across YouTube & Instagram which has immensely helped me to do something with or around food.”

    “A famous chef that inspires me is Gordon Ramsay because I have been watching him throughout my journey and another Chef who inspires me is Ranveer Brar and the way he twists any simple dish to an extraordinary culinary milestone,” she added.

    Telling us more about the reason behind her name Foodiefoververandever23, she said, “Foodieforeverandever23 as the name goes I love tasting new things anything related to food so I am a foodie always and 23 is my birth date 23rd August.”

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