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Sunday, February 28, 2021

    NFR aims to go ‘Paperless’

    The new system introduced is a very simple; hassle-free and user-friendly system that would immensely benefit freight customers

    GUWAHATI: Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has chosen to go NFR Paperless as far as goods business is concerned, by rolling out eT-RR (Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt) by replacing manual RR.

    Presently NFR is issuing about 76% of total Receipt through Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt.

    RR (Railway Receipt) is a vital document, in the entire chain of freight business of Railways. It is like an acknowledgment of receipt of goods for transportation by rail. The owner of the original Railway Receipt is supposed to be the owner of the goods.

    In the earlier system, the printed RR once generated used to be given to rail customers who loaded the consignment (consignor) after completing loading in goods train and after paying all railway freight charges. The Consignor, in turn, had to further transfer it to the consignee, who would take delivery of goods at destination, through post or courier. At the destination station, delivery of consignment was given on surrender of original RR by customer.

    In the earlier system, the customer used to face the problem of delay in taking delivery, whenever the goods train reaches destination earlier than the original RR. The new system of transmission of RR electronically eliminates this problem entirely.

    “The new system introduced is a very simple; hassle-free and user-friendly system which would immensely benefit freight customers. In this system, the Railway Receipt (RR), a mandatory document, for effecting delivery of goods, is generated, transmitted and surrendered or deposited electronically,” said an NFR statement.

    The system of generating eT-RR has been enabled in almost all the NFR Paperless functioning locations of freight business on the Division. The entire process is carried through FOIS portal (https://www.fois.indianrail.gov.in). In order to avail this facility, customers (both consignors and consignees) have to pre-register themselves at the nearest Railway Division, where they carry out their business. In doing so, each customer organization would get a Global Customer Code. The customers can register themselves at FOIS portal after getting the Global Customer Code and can avail the facility of eT-RR.

    The eT-RR system is also very secure because, at every step from generation to transmission to surrender of RR, electronic authentication is required through user IDs, passwords and through unique system-generated Freight Number Record (FNR) and One Time Passwords (OTPs). The system generated FNR number and OTPs is sent only to registered e-mail IDs and mobile numbers of customers.

    It may be mentioned here that, the railway has already introduced the system of placement of demand for wagons electronically (e-RD module) through FOIS portal. Some 3895 customers have already been registered under Electronic Registration of demand (e-RD) mode so far and 75% of the total demand was registered through this electronic mode. With the inception of E-RD module, a customer does not need to visit Railway premises for registering their demand.

    Along with the e-RD module, eT-RR makes freight business for our customers more accessible and transparent. Moreover, the electronic transfer of RR is not only faster but also safer. Since there is no physical transfer of RR, it eliminates the problem of loss of RR in transit.

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