NFR Mazdoor Union demand over-time allowances & facilities for Women Employees

Guwahati, February 27: Dressing rooms for women workers, the safety of escort staff in AC coaches and payment of over-time are one of the several demands by the members of NF Railway Mazdoor Union.

North East Frontier Railway Mazdoor Union, Guwahati branch called a dharna today at Guwahati Railway Station with over 200 employees.

President of All India Railway Federation and General Secretary of NF Mazdoor Union Rakhal Das told TIME8 that employees are not being paid their over-time allowances for more than 114 hours.  Das said that it requires around 140 hours for an employee to go to a particular destination and returning from their in trains and this journey includes a lot of expenditure which the administration should pay on time.

Das added that State government’s administration is very poor and that it has money and funds for its own need but gets out of fund when it comes to railway employees demands. General Secretary stresses that the employees sitting in dharna are in need of their rightful dues and they these employees of NF Railways are incapable of stealing money like Nirav Modi.

Another member of the Union criticises current BJP government in the State by saying that it only publicizes its Swachh Bharat scheme but fails to provide proper latrine and bathroom. He further states that Beti Bachao is another scheme whereas women in railways are facing a lot of problems.

Another important issue raised by the Union is the safety of the escort boys deployed in the AC coaches. Biswajit Sharma, member of the Union told TIME8 that there is not enough staff present for all the new trains that are recently introduced like the Humsafar Express. All these trains have Air Conditioned Coaches for which skilled labour is required (Escort Staff).

Sarma said that due to a shortage of skilled staff, new unskilled labours are appointed in the AC coaches that too where 4 skilled employees are needed to cater the passengers only 1 unskilled labour is deployed for the AC Coaches.

Restroom facility for TTE, Driver, Guards, regular supply of drinking water, repairment of railway quarters, drains, roads & septic tanks, dressing room for female employees, lavatories are amongst the many demands of NF Railway Mazdoor Union.

The members of the Union said that the protest will be carried forward to another level if the demands raised by it are not being heard by the State.