Shocking | Arunachal student at NIT Agartala rushed to hospital after alleged Ragging by seniors

Left: A part of the Victim's Wounds, Right: NIT Agartala

Agartala/ Itanagar, March 11: In a shocking incident, a 17 year old student of Civil Engineering at NIT Agartala was a victim of alleged ‘Ragging’ on campus and had to be rushed to a hospital on Saturday after he sustained serious injuries.

The victim is currently undergoing treatment in an Agartala based hospital and has multiple fractures. One of his eardrums also got ruptured due to the alleged assault.

The victim, who hails from West Siang District in Arunachal Pradesh was allegedly assaulted in the name of ‘Ragging’ by seniors who had called him and his batchmates out at around 1 am on Saturday.

The victim’s family has reportedly said that he was assaulted by 15-20 seniors when they came to know that he hails from Arunachal Pradesh. Reports say that the alleged assaulters left him unconscious and snatched away his phone. However, they returned the phone in the morning and that is when he informed his family.

His sister, has put up a post on Facebook after she reached Agartala and saw her brother’s condition which read:

“On the wee hours of 10/03/2018 at 01.00am my brother shri *** **** was assaulted by group of around 20 senior student at Nit Agartala,Aryabhatta hostel A block 409 infront of all the first year students. The senior students were led by **** 4th year,*** 3rd year,***3rd year and *** 2nd year.he has received severe injuries on his head,back,neck and has multiple fracture all over his body and his ear drum has been ruptured.
The assault started after *** asked he is from which state n tereko hindi nahi aata,he slapped my brother and then along with other 20 seniors they kicked n punched him n even hit him with bricks n belt.
Friends of my brother were sitting in dharna against the assault but they were expelled from the hostel by Nit Agartala Authorities. Whereas the seniors who have assaulted my brother are roaming freely.
Parents of the students send their sons n daughters to study outside for their bright future but when we get the news about our childrens being racially discriminated n assaulted,imagine the pain that the parents get. Even in northeast india “we are being racially being discriminated”.
The question that comes to my mind is “Are we tibeto-mongoloid race born to be racially discriminated”
P.s- plz share” [SIC]

(names not published to protect the minor victim’s and the alleged assaulters identity)

The victim has mentioned names of a few seniors from the 4th, 3rd and 2nd year who he says were leading the assault.

As per latest reports, an FIR is yet to be filed. Sources say the Dean has reportedly requested the victim’s family to refrain from filing an FIR.