Papon shouldn’t have been left out of Bihu Celebrations: Raveena Tandon

Guwahati, April 16: Bollywood Actress Raveena Tandon has now reportedly supported Angaraag Papon Mahanta stating that he should not have been left out of the Bihu celebrations as over the years he has emerged as one of the most prominent faces on the stage. She added that the kiss might have been a mistake and he might have been misjudged.

Recently, multiple reports had emerged that Singer Papon has been sidelined from the Bihu programs of Assam this year due to his kissing controversy.

Tandon reportedly further added that Papon’s legal team didn’t help him by saying that the kiss was a ‘guru-shishya’ kiss.

Tandon added that the people were angered because the legal team of the singer was trying to justify the whole act as a ‘guru-shishya’ love. She added that she felt that Papon should be given the benefit of doubt.

She stated that it could have been better if Papon had come out and spoke about the issue much earlier but he was very late. She stated that it might have been due to his legal team’s advice to keep quiet for some time but the time taken was very long.

According to Tandon, by the time Papon spoke out about the issue, the statement of guru-shishya had already done a lot of damage.

She added that Papon has a clean record and has never been a repeat offender. She added that he can be given the benefit of doubt, and sometimes people are misjudged.

She further stated that Papon should not be lynched as the kiss could have been a mistake.

She also claimed that she would not have given him benefit of doubt if other girls would have also made some allegations similar to that. But, since no one made any such complaints he can be given a chance.

She also stated that nowadays certain issues get so hyped that even a false issue seems to be true.