No roads for ambulance, man dies on boat from stroke in Majuli


Majuli, October 12: In an unfortunate incident, a man, who suffered a pressure stroke, died on a boat while he was on his way to the hospital. The man hails from Luit Khablu, a bordering area of Lakhimpur-Majuli district.

The deceased identified as Shashidhar Payeng was a patient of high blood pressure. Following the stroke, Payeng’s nephew decided to ferry him to the hospital on a hand-rowing boat due to lack of motorable roads. However, though they reached the hospital after more than an hour, Payeng died midway to the hospital.

This incident has triggered an uproar in the region with the locals slamming the government’s lackadaisical attitude towards Luit Khablu.

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“A few days back, my father also died because we failed to reach the hospital on time. People in our village are suffering as the area lacks proper road connectivity. The government is yet to take any action in this direction,” said a local.

“Except boats, we don’t have any other means to take the patients to the hospital. We can only use rowing boats and today it took us more than an hour to cover a distance of 10 kms,” added another local.