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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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    No Zeros in Amount can Compensate for Our Loss: Arnab Bordoloi’s family to OIL

    Seeking answers, the family asked OIL why a young engineer was sent to the blowout site alone in such a dangerous condition

    GUWAHATI: “No zeros in a number can compensate for what we hate lost,” said Bijit Kumar Bordoloi, the father of Arnab Kishore Bordoloi, a young electrical engineer who died while working at the Baghjan blowout well site on Wednesday.

    Bordoloi, an engineer of OIL while working with some equipment at the Baghjan Blowout well site, had suddenly fallen down and lost consciousness on Wednesday last. Though provided emergency health care by a doctor at the site and then was taken to AMC, he was declared dead.

    However, with no communication and clarity from the OIL authority yet, the family members have shot a letter to the OIL authority seeking answers on the death of Bordoloi.  In the letter, the deceased’s father said, “It is extremely disheartening to see that the Company has had no official communication with the family as of yet. Hence, we as a family stand united and more headstrong about this fight against the injustice caused to the whole family.”

    He lambasted the OIL authority and added, “If it was an accident, we do not want the same for any other young member of another family. As a company with huge financial resources, we cannot accept and do not expect the company to have such low standards of safety that an engine, working on a line gets electrocuted.”

    The family has also demanded the CCTV footages, if any, of the site.

    Seeking answers, the family asked why a young engineer was sent to the blowout site alone in such a dangerous condition. “Does other senior engineer work on such line work? Have any of your senior officials worked on such equipment before and if not, where our son did his training to work on that equipment?” the father asked.

    The letter added, “We would also like to know if Oil India had any standard operating procedure and safety guidelines and briefing to the deceased before he was sent. Was he guided accordingly? Most importantly, what is the cause of death? What led to such an extreme situation? If he was found unconscious on-site, for how long was he lying unconscious and unattended?”

    The grieving family members have demanded the Oil authority to reply to their queries urgently.

    Following the incident, the major PSU said that the reasons of the death will be known after post-mortem. OIL tweeted: “A team from OIL is carrying out an inspection at the well site to find out possible reasons for this accident.”

    Earlier, two firefighters also lost their lives while working at the blowout site.

    It’s been more than 120 days since the oil well at Baghjan in Tinsukia district, 500 km from the main city Guwahati, had a blowout on May 27 and was leaking gas, causing damage to the region’s wetlands and biodiversity. The well caught fire on June 9.



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