Northeast is blessed with scenic beauty, not much is known to the rest of the country: Vice Chief of Army

Guwahati/Delhi, December 7: Admiring the scenic beauty of the Northeastern(NE) states, Vice Chief of Army Lt Gen Devraj Anbu said that the NE is endowed with rich cultural heritage and biodiversity which is not known to the people living outside the region.

The Vice Chief of Army also asserted that the rest of the country can learn a lot about from the NE sates.

He further added, “I have been to all the states of NE and each state has its own diversity particularly, Sikkim. The state is well-managed, including the discipline in traffic. Also these states has a lot ecological preservation lessons to offer,”

The Vice Chief of Army further emphasised on the colourful festivity of Manipur known as ‘Yaoshang’.

“In north India, people celebrate Holi for a day or two, but in Manipur people from the Meitei tribe play Holi for five days. Its the Manipuri holi. They use natural colours and enjoy the celebrations with pomp and geity everyday,” he added.

Anbu further appreciated the culinary, linguistic and art and cultural heritage of the NE states.