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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

    Not ‘Jan Ashirbad Yatra’, BJP should have named it as ‘Jan‘ Khama (Apology) Yatra’: APCC

    Bora alleged that BJP is avoiding its responsibilities and is trying to hide its failures by organizing the ‘Jan Ashirbad Yatra'

    Guwahati: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) President Bhupen Kumar Bora on Monday claimed that BJP should have named the ‘Jan Ashirbad Yatra’ as ‘Jan‘ Khama (Apology) Yatra’ for not being able to fulfil their promises to the people of Assam.

    Addressing the media in Dibrugarh, Bora alleged that BJP is avoiding its responsibilities and is trying to hide its failures by organizing the ‘Jan Ashirbad Yatra.’

    “When he was President of BJP, central minister Sarbananda Sonowal had promised that he would take action those who were involved in Louis Berger scam and Sharada Scam. So what happened to those promises?   A question is arising now among the people as to what blessing Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal is seeking? Is it a blessing for not fulfilling his promises? Bora questioned.

    “The people of Majuli had elected Sarbananda Sonowal as an MLA so that he becomes the Chief Minister again but not only has he failed to become the CM, he has now belied the hopes of the people by giving up his MLA post. What new scheme of the central government is Sri Sonowal bringing to the people of Majuli and Assam to seek the Jan Ashirbad Yatra?” added Bora.

    Bora also queried that whether Union Minister Sonowal will speak about providing employment to the unemployed or give reassurance on the price rise issue during the Yatra? Meanwhile, the CM and the Supply Minister have admitted their inability to check the price rise, stating this fact to the detriment of the people. “What will Sri Sonowal say on this issue?” asked the APCC president.

    Also, speaking about the promises made by the former chief minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal to provide ST status to the six indigenous communities, Bora said that the Union Minister has failed to do so during his tenure as CM. Will he admit to this failure now?

    “The NRC is yet to be implemented. The union minister did not implement NRC during his term and the present BJP government is silent on the issue. Will Sri Sonowal be able to provide any answer now?” Bora enquired.

    At one time the union minister Sarbananda Sonowal was very interested in implementing Clause 6 of the Assam Accord and he had made promises to that effect but he did not do it and it is still in limbo. Can Sonowal answer why it is yet to be done? Will he now make public the steps he has taken on the issue as a central minister? asked the APCC president.

    He also alleged that Ex-CM Sonowal has deliberately failed to take any concrete steps to check the flood and erosion problem, as made evident by the present Water Resources minister.

    “He failed to rejuvenate the two public sector paper mills in the state and is now bent on selling them off. Will he or the BJP government admit to this failure? It should be remembered that the paper mills reflect the self-respect of Assam and the Assamese. The BJP government has made a dent in this self-respect. Will it be admitted?” Bora questioned.

    One country, one tax system in this PM Modi-led country has failed to remove disparity in taxation. What will the union minister Sonowal say about this during the Yatra? Present CM Himanta Biswa Sarma himself insinuated that cattle syndicate worth Rs 1000 crores every month, ‘supari’ syndicate and drugs smuggling happened in the previous BJP Government and it reflected the failure of the Home department during Ex-CM Sonowal’s time and that he is taking tough measures to eradicate them. Can Sonowal now say why he failed to combat these evils during his stint as CM? Bora enquired further.

    Bora also claimed that there are many reasons why questions are being raised whether the Yatra is a futile attempt to gloss over Ex-CM Sonowal’s failures. That is why we are asking about the meaning of this Yatra after the BJP’s failure to keep promises, heaping the burden of taxes on the people, making the people suffer through price rise and failing to check such price hikes. Therefore, it should be ‘ Khama (Apology) Yatra seeking an apology from the people of Assam and Union minister Sonowal should admit to the failures before the people and say, “Dear Citizens, we failed to keep our promises and that we cannot check the abnormal price hike on essential commodities etc, so please forgive us”, stated Bora in the press conference.

    Meanwhile, APCC strongly condemned those in our country that have expressed support for the Taliban.

    “We also condemn those in our state that have extended moral support to the Taliban and demand that the government take strict action against them. We want strong action against the AIUDF leaders who support the ‘Taliban’. The BJP tries to drag the name of Congress in any matter related to the AIUDF. But they must remember that people are also aware of the fact that an alliance between the two parties is still on in the districts of Nagaon, Darrang and Karimganj Zilla Parishad’s.  They are also close in the Soksoka Anchalik Panchayat of Sorbhog, the previous home constituency of BJP minister Ranjeet Dass. Such alliance has raised questions among the people and their hypocrisy.  The BJP should make its stand clear on this issue,” alleged Bora.

    On the other hand, CLP Leader Debabrata Saikia pointed out the abnormally high power bills slapped on the people in the villages of Assam.

    “The people in the villages are being charged around Rs 4000 to 5000 to 20,000/- per month for electricity, at a time when the rural economy has been hit hard by Covid- 19. Electricity bills for power consumption should have been collected regularly instead of waiting for months and putting a hardship on common people by giving inflated bills. This speaks about the total failure of the electricity department and gross negligence,” said Saikia.

    Also, speaking to the media, former union minister Paban Singh Ghatowar questioned why Covid restrictions are still being strictly imposed in Assam at a time when places like Delhi have eased many restrictions. “Is the BJP government in Assam hiding the real facts about the Covid situation”, he asked.

    The press meet by Bhupen Kumar Bora at Rajiv Bhawan in Dibrugarh was also attended by former Central Minister Paban Singh Ghatowar and Congress Legislature Party leader Debabrata Saikia and Ex-Minister Pranatee Phukan.

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