Now actor Adil Hussain lambasts Indigo Airlines

By Nisha / Shabana; Inputs by: Nilotpal Dutta

Guwahati, December 7: Renowned Bollywood Actor from Assam Adil Hussain today commented against Indigo Airlines policy in his social media page.

While speaking to TIME8 Adil said that he is protesting against exorbitant cancellation charges by the Indigo Airlines. He said that he has plans to travel to Guwahati on December 15 for which he has purchased air tickets in Indigo Airlines around15 days before his travel date.

Due to some reasons Adil had to cancel his tickets, both to and fro, the cost of a one-way ticket to Guwahati from Mumbai was Rs 11, 000 on which he was charged an exorbitant cancellation fee of Rs 6000 by the Indigo Airlines.

Adil’s comment on Twitter

Adil told TIME8 that government is favoring these airlines to make huge profits from the passengers by charging hefty amounts in the name of cancellation charges. He further said that these airlines charge customers more than 50% as cancellation fee and later sell the tickets by doubling the amount to the passengers who buy tickets at the last moment. Adil said that the Airline industries are profiting from both the sides.

National award winner Adil Hussain criticised the government for protecting the interest of the businessmen over the general public. Adil also raises the issue of reselling the cancelled tickets to the passenger at a much higher price, as this way airlines are profiting both ways.

Adil said that the Aviation Ministry had to review the matter and control the maximum cancellation charges. He said that there should be a benchmark on cancellation fee which should not be more than Rs 700-1000.

Indigo in response to Adil’s claim said that they overcharge to discourage passengers from cancelling their tickets.

Adil calls the process a robbery and alleges that not only the businessmen but the common public have also selected the government and hence it should protect the consumers as well and not only the businessmen.