NRC update in Assam hits coffee plantation in Karnataka

Bengaluru/Guwahati, December 8: As the final date of the draft NRC approaches, it has been reported that more than thousand people from Assam who were working in coffee plantations in Kodagu, Sakleshpur and Chikmgaluru in Karnataka are heading back to Assam which is affecting the coffee plantation in the state.

It has been reported that as the re-verification process of the NRC has started, the workers from Assam are now heading back to get their names and documents updates and this now has affected the coffee plantation.

One of the planters in Sakleshpur stated the plantations fields are left with very few workers now as most of the workers were from Assam. The fields will reach the peak season very soon where they have to pick up the coffee seeds for drying and pulping but now due to the shortage of workers, the work will be affected to a great extend.

Another worker from Kodagu stated that now with the shortage of workers, the whole process of picking up the seeds will slow down and also the same will affect the production.

The coffee plantation industry of Karnataka is said to be dependent a lot of the workers from Assam as they have been working there for more than a decade. Most of them have mixed up and adopted the language, dialects and culture of the state as well.

The planters have allowed the labourers from Assam to take the leave for the NRC updated process for the interest of national security.

One if the planters stated that letting them go on the leave is also important so that the citizenship of these workers can also be determined as illegal immigrants cannot be identified as many speak a similar language which matches with the labourers or workers from Assam.