NRC Updation: NGO releases fact-finding report, says project flawed

Guwahati, July 14: Citing flaws and prejudices in the registration process in the updating procedure of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam,  a Delhi-based civil society group on Friday demanded an extension of the time-frame prescribed to appeal for persons who end up as “D” or “Doubtful” voters.

D voter, sometimes also referred to as Dubious voter or Doubtful voter is a category of voters in Assam who are disenfranchised by the government on the account of their alleged lack of proper citizenship credentials.

The second draft of the NRC will be published by July 30 as per the order of the Supreme Court.

An activist group ‘United Against Hatred’ on Friday released a ‘fact-finding report’ and said the registration process in Assam is marred with “bureaucratic red-tape and prejudices among the officials”.

The report cited incidents of unlawful detention of doubtful voters in several districts of Assam after proclaiming them as foreigners, as per information.

According to the report, if the injustices meted out to the Bangla-speaking Muslims and Hindus on the basis of language and religion in the process of updating of NRC are not checked, violence can erupt in Assam.

As per reports, around 90,206 doubtful voters have been identified as foreigners out of which 29,663 have been pushed back and 45,164 have been found missing. As per data provided by the state home department in April this year, 1500 illegal migrants are currently lodged in detention in six jails, which double up as detention camps, across the state.

The report also cited several incidents of “unlawful detention” of doubtful voters in Assam. According to the report, it is “practically impossible” to deport the huge number of people who will emerge as stateless post the publication of the complete draft of the NRC.

The fact-finding team consisted of several activists and lawyers. The team visited places like Barpeta, Gauhati and Naigaon during June 26-July 2, as per information.