Ojapali’s music rocking the capital city


Does this name remind you of the khol and the loud clapping of the taal, with a group of men singing and reciting the folklores of Assam?

Well, yes, they are no different from them, except that it comes with a rock and roll effect!

The fusion of traditional folk music with rock, is something that has always mesmerized us. For a few decades, a lot of such artists have been coming up from various parts of the country. Why should Assamese music lag behind.

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Comprising of three artists, Bhargav Das, Dhon Rongpi, and Bivas Sharma, who joined later, the New Delhi based band, Ojapali has the charm that has touched the hearts of the non-Assamese community of the city.

Bhargav got together with Dhon to give shape to their desire of having a band of their own in the form of ‘Ojapali’. The idea to do so came about from their dream to travel the world, and perform globally. When asked about what makes it to the top on his bucket list, he laughs and expresses his desire to perform at the Glastonbury music festival.

Describing the tryst with Ojapali, Bhargav spoke exclusively to TIME8 and said, “It’s been pretty awesome so far.”

While Bhargav loves travelling, gaming and cooking, Dhon appears to be more of the serious kind considering his love for reading.

The founder of this band, Bhargav’s love for singers varies from noted Assamese singer Pratima Pandey Barua to a band from the Sahara desert of Northern Mali, the Tinariwen.

The band has 14 songs and they have almost recorded 3 of them. The video ‘Hiyar maje ‘ released recently and is available on YouTube.

Interestingly, the next release is ‘Jibon Rey’ and the date has not been fixed yet. Undoubtedly, the “Hiyar Majhe” video did manage to get us on our feet, and hopefully, ‘Jibon Rey’ will do the same too.

So far, they have no plans of performing in the Northeast, but we hope that they are planning something so that we can see them here soon!