Opinion : Modi Witnessed AASU Top Guns As Caged Zoo Primate Behind Iron Railing

“A heartiest welcome after landing on rough surface”
“A heartiest welcome after landing on rough surface”

Pranab Kumar Gogoi

The heat of the flare of torch light procession had now boiled the state politics, as district administration had caged the AASU top guns like dog inside the prestigious “Swahid Nyas” this evening amidst the large scale of protest by angry mob on the Prime Ministers route to Raj Bhawan.

Both side road pavement designated for   Prime Minister’s convey, were walled by the BJP supporter’s so that Modi cannot see the anger of the AASU people, who were enclose like a pity criminal surrounded and ringed by the police personal.

Joi Aai Asom  Vs. Bharat Mata Ki Joii

Royal Global University

Singing their your own praises, the  BJP supporters, screamed with loud  war cry “Bharat Mata Ki Joi”, shooting down the decibel of AASU’s  “Jai Aii Asom”.

For the first time AASU top leaders were kicked to a corner to stand like a trembling war horse, real war field where BJP had shown its strength with the help of muscle power of police and state machinery.

AASU who, owes historic fame of six years long Foreigners movement at the coast of the sacrifice of the 855 martyrs were just enclosed felicitate the smooth ply of Prime Ministers to the Raj Bhawan.

BJP lead state machinery was so aggressive that AASU activist just kept content weaving black flag to the Prime Minister from far inside premise of “Swahid Nyas”.

Role Public Representative as Moral Police

The human chain of BJP supporters, stretched along the both side pavement was just like a columns of soldier in parade, which was much strengthen by the presence of BJP ministers like Pijush Hazarika, Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Bijoya Chakravarty . Even a single activist of 96 indigenous groups could not come out to assert their protest against CAB.

Democracy devastated

The Fascist face of BJP shimmered at the sparkle of torch light procession of Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), they even used put the boot on the skin of their erstwhile political allies to make the road free for Modi. However tomorrow they would come with a statement that it was necessary from the security point of view of prime minister.

Modi saw the anger of Assamese people by own eyes

Prime Minister Modi for the first time caught the real sight of people’s anger on the burning street of Assam.  He was the same man whom the people of Assam extended heartiest welcome just four and half years ago. The expectation of People of Northeast is and shall be always optimistic to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, if he can feel the pulse of people. However, Prime Minister Modi must remember that it is easy to earn love and affection but very difficult to maintain its course for a longer period of time. So time is not too short in his hand to regain the “Lost Paradise”.

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