Opinion: Soverign Nagalim – Reteriated On 40th NSCN Day

The convener of NSCN Steering Committee Rh Raising addresing the 40th NSCN Day on January 31, 2019
The convener of NSCN Steering Committee Rh Raising addresing the 40th NSCN Day on January 31, 2019 Photo: TIME8

Pranab Kumar Gogoi

Outlining of the framework agreement for Naga peace process was unanimously accepted, four years ago in 2015, at the firm initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, it was put in the back burner, as part of ‘delayed tactics” in order to put the crisis on hold.

Naga Peace process at PM’s Official Residence

It can be recalled that in a much venerated public ceremony, in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and top NSCN guerrilla at Prime Minister’s residence on the August 3rd 2015, interlocutor R N Ravi signed “framework agreement” on behalf of Union.

Role of Naga fractions in Peace process

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NSCN (IM) & NSCN (K) spearheaded the demand for sovereign Nagalim. However there are six Naga National Political Groups individually demanding the same.

However, in order to bring all outfits together in common platform, Union Government had signed a separated peace agreement with the other Naga fractions on November 2017.

NSCN lighten up demand for greater Nagalim

Map of greater Nagalim drawn curving a huge territorial land from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, following of which all neighbouring Chief Ministers rushed to Delhi convincing Modi that they would never concede their territorial land to proposed Nagalim. Interlocutor Ravi’s hard work was successful, for trimming the map of proposed Nagalim and hence NSCN agreed to accept the theory of “Special Status” for the Naga’s living in the Naga-inhabited areas of neighbouring states.

NSCN Day & demand for Naga Sovereignty  

Naga rebels observed NSCN day on 31st January last at Hebron. Addressing to the cadre at designated HQ in Hebron, the convener of NSCN Steering Committee, Rh. Raising says that “NSCN cannot think of a developed Nagalim without a sovereign state. A sovereign state is a giant machine that can make and unmake things except for men”.

However, he praised the signed “framework agreement” between the Government of India and NSCN top guns. He further hopes that “Nagas and Indians will peacefully and harmoniously co-exist as two entries sharing sovereign power. The “Framework Agreement” is the foundation for final settlement”

Infiltration of Chakma, Rohingya & Chin – Kuki  

Rh. Raising alleged that, the influx of Rohingya refugees and Chin – Kuki immigrants from Myanmar, Chakma refugees from Bangladesh now became a threat for the indigenous Naga people. He appealed the government to frame a stringent law to stop the illegal influx from neighbouring countries.

Undisclosed definition of ‘sovereignty’

Speech of Rh. Raising, reveals that, Naga peoples are still confused with word “sovereignty”, as mentioned in the signed “framework agreement”, otherwise there must be a definition of “sovereignty”, which is widely accepted for both NSCN and India Government.

People of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh have a right to know about the undisclosed definition of “sovereignty” for the future peace of the region.

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