NGO Pawsome sets awesome example with shining collars for Agartala’s Strays!

Agartala, January 3: Pawsome, an NGO operating in Agartala celebrated the New year by putting reflective collars on 50 stray dogs.

These collars have reflective strips which glow in the dark when light from any vehicle falls on them. These reflective collars will help commuters to track the dog from even a long distance away.

“We feel that this collar would decrease the numbers of accidents that are happening each day and make the roads safer for both dogs and humans. We will try to collar as many dogs as we can in the next few months,” wrote Pawsome on their official page.

Pawsome, the NGO provides food to Street Dogs on daily basis. They also provide on-site First Aid Facility, serilize male & female dogs, provide free Anti Rabies Vaccines for street dogs as well as for domestic dogs through various campaigns and also shelter abandoned pets and street dogs.

A positive step indeed!