Photo Essay | Ali Aye Ligang at Demow, the traditional way

Mishing community people celebrating of Ali-Aye-Ligang festival at Mishing village at Ghilamari in Demow on 14-02-18. Ali-Aye-Ligang is a spring festival associated with agriculture, specially with the beginning of the Ahu paddy cultivation. It is celebrated by the Mising or Mishing ethnic community of Assam, India. The festival marks onset of sowing seeds. Pix by UB Photos

Demow, February 14: Today has been a day of celebrations with Mahashivaratri, Ali Aye Ligang and Valentines Day being observed with full fervour. Here are a few snapshots from Ali Aye Ligang Celebrations being done by the Mishing Community at Demow in Sivasagar District:

Traditional Rice Beer, or Apong being prepared in the morning

Royal Global University

The process continues…

The festival is associated with agriculture and is celebrated at the beginning of the paddy planting season

An older member of the Mishing Community performs rituals of Ali Aye Ligang while the youngers ones watch

Kids play the dhol as the elders begin the rituals of the festival.