Post-Poll Violence in Tripura was planned by BJP: CPI-M

Agartala/Guwahati, March 13: As the political situation in Tripura seemed to be under control, CPI-M has now alleged that the recent violence in the state was a part of the BJP’s plan as they wanted to make the country opposition-free.

Speaking about the violence in Tripura, CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury stated that winning or losing in elections is inevitable but it was very ‘undemocratic’ that terror was unleashed in the form of violence by the BJP aiming to make the Tripura opposition-free.

Sitaram Yechury stated that he will soon have a meeting with all the opposition parties about the post-poll violence and then he will raise the issue at the Lok Sabha.

Sitaram further alleged that the situation is still very tensed in some place. He also alleged that he has witnessed that many of CPI’s party offices were vandalized while many were occupied by the supporters of a ‘particular party’.

He added that the violence is also aimed to drive out party leaders and workers of the CPI-M. Sitaram further asked the newly formed government to take immediate steps to stop the violence and provide medical assistance to all those who were injured in the attacks.

It may be mentioned that immediately after the poll results were declared in Tripura, reports of vandalism, destruction of public and private properties, violent clashes between BJP and CPI-M supporters came to light.