Poverty-stricken woman from Gohpur shares her tragic story of destitution

Moon Gogoi

Gohpur, December 6: Togori Gogoi, an elderly woman from North Dubiagaon, Gohpur is living a life of misery for years now after being deprived of the basic amenities to dwell a normal life.

Togori’s living does not even surround the four walls of the house as she is deprived of a roof over her head shrinking herself in a shabby hut. Fate hit hard on the woman after she lost her husband and her two sons years back.

“I had my husband, two handsome sons, I used to be a happy person. Now I am all alone. I have no one beside me. I have nothing.”, said Togori choking into tears.

“There are days when I used to starve all day long. Even after several requests, the representatives have turned their blind eyes towards me.”she added.

As per Togori’s neighbour she even struggles for two meals a day.

“It is very heart wrenching to watch her condition. She became very lonely after the demise of her husband and two sons. The amount of rice she gets from the cooperative do not suffice for which she needs to beg from door to door.”, said a local woman.

The woman further said that Togori does not even have a blanket to cover herself from the freezing weather.