Pregnant Shillong woman denied Scotland visa because her English is too good


By Arnab Jyoti Das

Shillong/Guwahati, December 15: In a bizarre and equally devastating incident, a pregnant woman, Alexandria Rintoul (22) who hails from Shillong has been denied her visa to Scotland apparently because her English is too good.

Alexandria is married to Bobby Rintoul (33), who hails from St. Andrews, Fife in Scotland and the couple were planning to settle down there ahead of Christmas.

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But due to a technical anomaly in Home Office rules regarding Alexandria’s entry English exam, her immigration visa has been blocked.

The newlyweds, who have been together for almost four years, said the Home Office has blocked Alexandria’s immigration visa because she passed a more advanced International English Language Testing System exam than the basic one required.

Alexandria, who has an English degree from University, appeared for an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam as recommended by a lawyer while she was in Edinburgh during a previous visit.

The Home Office requires an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) pass for immigration – but not the more advanced one Alexandria has.

Facing the heartache of Christmas without his wife and unborn child, Bobby has been forced to fork out for last-minute flights to India so they can be together.

Alexandria’s husband was devastated and said that they were ready to start their life there together and that it would have been their first Christmas in Scotland.

The couple, who wed in May, have already been apart for three months – and it seems unlikely Alexandria will get the immigration nod before the New Year.

Devastated Bobby hasn’t been able to go to scan appointments with Alexandria and he’s yet to see her baby bump in person because of the immigration blunder.

Their baby is due on May 2, their first wedding anniversary.

Alexandria said: “I’m supposed to be spending money on my baby, my house, my new family and here I am paying bills for this money sucking visa refused because they aren’t satisfied I come from a country that speaks English.

She now has to face an agonising 30 working day wait over Christmas to find out if her reapplication gets the green light or not.

During this ordeal, Alexandria has been staying in various hotels in Bangalore and all this confusion over the past few months has cost the couple around £4,000 (3.5 Lakh INR approx) so far.

The couple met when Bobby, who works in the Oil and Gas industry, spent a year and a half in India.

The couple then moved to Dubai before Bobby returned to Scotland, hoping to be followed shortly by Alexandria.