Ramjas College professor found guilty of sexual abusing male students hailing from Assam

Special Correspondent

New Delhi/ Guwahati, September 11: In a shocking incident of sexual abuse, this time boys from Assam being targeted, a professor serving in Ramjas College was found guilty by an internal sexual harassment committee of the College. A five member sexual harassment committee formed after an order of Delhi High Court found Professor BN Ray of political science department guilty of sexually abusing male students of his department.

The report states, “not one but four charges were proven against Dr BN Ray that he repeatedly targeted young students from Northeast and sexually abused them.

The report further states, “the committee in its opinion feels that a person like Dr BN Ray was totally unsuited to be employed as teacher in any institution.”

The all four victims who gave their submission in the college committee are from Assam.

The committee has also recommended that Dr Ray be dismissed for service and his all post retirement benefit be blocked.

Meanwhile, speaking to TIME8, Adeel Ahmed, one of the victims and now a lawyer in Supreme Court who filed a writ in Delhi High Court said, “Dr Ray unfortunately got regular retirement and was not dismissed and he is now working in an institution in Bhubaneswar while enjoying all the post retirement benefit.”

He further said the college committee under Dr Mausumi Bose of Philosophy department and four others was formed after high court order only. And Dr Ray was vice principal at that time and his deeds were brought to the notice of the college in 2007, it took the college 10 years to file its report.

Ahmed has again knocked the door Delhi High Court with the college committee report praying for criminal compliance against the professor.