Ranganadi flood situation happened because Govt didn’t release funds on time: Contractors’ Association

By Mohsin Khaiyam

Image: UB Photos

The Assam Water Resources Contractors’ Association (AAWRCA) on Monday came down heavily on the state as well as the central government blaming the governments for the flood situation in Assam. In a startling allegation, the association said that the Ranganadi flood situation in Lakhimpur happened not only because of NEEPCO releasing water but also because the government did not release the funds on time.

The Central Government and State Government lacks communication and thus the development of the embankments get affected. All Assam Water Resources Contractors’ Association (AAWRCA) made these allegations on Monday.

Speaking to the media, Muhi Borgohain, president, AAWRCA made a startling comment that contractors in the State are trying to deal with the situation on their own without proper support of government. Due to the lack of funds, the contractors have suffered a lot and thus the construction of the embankments has been affected. “There are more threats to other embankments of the state as well”, he added.

He also said, “The main reason for the threat is the lack of timely planning for the repairing and construction of the embankments, lack of timely release of funds and heavy rain and flow of water around the embankments. Another cause for the flood taking a disastrous turn is that the government did not release funds on time.”

The centre in terms of introducing new schemes sees Assam with a step motherly attitude. “The centre talks about solving the flood but actions are not seen”, he added.

He alleged that there is a communication gap between the centre and the state as funds are not released on time. There are no proper schemes to deal with the flood at present. There are 43 schemes in the state and out of which most are incomplete.

Borgohain also added that there are at least Rs 1500 crore of funds pending by the centre which are not yet paid to the contractors.

“We demand that there should be a timely planning, timely release of the funds and also the funds need to be released in a single phase”, he shared.