Reality of Demonetization | Only 56 Working ATMs in 800 plus Tea-Gardens of Assam

Guwahati, February 13: Immediately after demonetization took place in the country during the year 2016, the Assam Government announced that the state will soon head for a complete digital stage and announced ATMs will be set up at all the tea gardens of Assam but till date only 64 ATMs have been set whereas the total number of tea gardens in Assam is more than 800.

In the year 2016 Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Chandra Mohan Patowary claimed that the state was moving towards a cashless economy. There were steps taken by the government to implement digital economy so that digital payment becomes a ‘way of life’ in Assam within a very short time.

It was also said that a majority of the tea garden labourers had opened up bank accounts so that they can get their wages through their accounts. The government announced that they have already discussed about setting up ATMs in the tea gardens so that they can withdraw money but today in a written answer at the Assam Legislative Assembly, Chandra Mohan Patowary stated that so far only 64 ATMs were set up in tea gardens of Assam whereas there are more than 800 tea gardens in the state.

What was more shocking is that out of these 64 ATMs only 56 are in a working condition and among these 8 ATMs no not work at all. Another interested fact is that among the inactive ATMs, 7 do not work due to lack of electricity.

It may also be mentioned that after demonetization it was decided that the labourer of the tea gardens will be paid through bank accounts but even though lakhs of labourers were availed with bank accounts, it has been alleged that they are still being their wages in cash due to the lack of proper banking facilities.