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Sunday, August 1, 2021

    Restrictions on certain activities led to lockdown like situation in Guwahati

    Several working women in the city faced harassment while travelling back to their residences in the evening hours due to a shortage of public transport

    Guwahati: The latest Standard operating procedure (SOP) by the State Disaster Management Authority under the Government of Assam led to a big confusion amongst several sections of people in Guwahati city.

    A few of them also confused it with lockdown.

    Several working women (not willing to be named) in the city told TIME8 that they faced multiple harassments while travelling back to their residences in the evening hours due to a shortage of public transport.

    It is noteworthy to mention that a huge section of commuters in Guwahati city relies on the public transport system, however, the scenario of Guwahati city on last Tuesday after 6 pm was a little different.

    People had to rush to vegetable markets and departmental stores before 6 pm to stockpile items of daily use.

    On the other hand, law enforcement officials started enforcing restrictions as per the new Government SOP.

    Reliable sources informed that a feeling of anxiety struck amongst a section of grocery shop owners after law enforcement officials reportedly asked them to shut down their shops at the last moment, leading to a panic kind of situation in certain areas of the Guwahati city.

    In order to clear up this mess, TIME8 wanted to clarify to all its readers that there was no lockdown announced in the state. While handling the present situation, the government of Assam responsibly issued fresh guidelines in order to combat the rise in COVID cases.

    As per the new order, the State Disaster Management Authority had ordered all market places, supermarkets, shops in malls to be closed by 6 PM from April 20.

    The department has also scaled down the number of guests allowed in weddings and other congregations to 100 in closed spaces (50% of the hall capacity) in the wake of surge in COVID-19 cases.

    From now on, people will have to seek the permission of the district authority for open functions and strict adherence to COVID appropriate behavior, including wearing of masks, social distance should be maintained.

    The order further stated that in funeral and related gatherings a maximum of 20 persons is allowed subject to strict observance of Covid appropriate behavior.

    Meanwhile, former Chief Secretary to Government of Assam Kumar Sanjay Krishna also suggested better clarity on the order imposing restrictions on certain activities.

    Taking to his official Twitter handle, Kumar Sanjay Krishna said, “In view of the recent surge in #Covid cases, the GoA has issued a much needed order imposing restrictions on certain activities but the order has created some confusion and a lockdown like situation can be seen in Guwahati today. A better clarity on restrictions will be helpful.”

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