Robbed in Guwahati, Garo man reaches home after walking 3 days

Meghalaya/Guwahati, November 28 :  Following the missing case of two Garo traders on the night of November 25, a new fact has come to light. Two people hailing from Lower Bolmedang, Mendipathar, North Garo Hills(NGH) were reportedly drugged and robbed in Guwahati.

An F.I.R. was lodged in the Kharkutta Police Station by one of the victim’s wife Smt. Taidina Momin. According to the report, Shri Jibil Sangma and Karhen Sangma had come to Guwahati with the intention of selling vegetables in Guwahati from Dudhnoi at 10 am.

While speaking exclusively to TIME8 Sub Inspector S.I. Momim told us that the wife of Karhen Sangma, Smt. Baismoni MOMIN sensed something was wrong when her husband was not responding to her unending calls. Jibil has returned to his hometown after struggling a lot while the whereabouts of Karmen is yet to be known.

Jibil Sangma aged 35 was accompanied by his uncle Karhen 50 to his Guwahati trip and took a rickshaw from the railway station to the nearest vegetable market. To their utter surprise, the rickshaw wala denied the fare and told them he would take it later in the evening.

According to sources, the victims were offered drink laced with drugs, which made them unconscious instantly. As of now Jibil has no memory of that night and still cannot recollect anything. He stated that he woke up in New Bongaigaon railway station and next he found out that his money and phone was stolen. His situation became worse when nobody helped him with food or cash. He starved and also had to eat food from the waste bins.

He walked for around 90kms, which took him 3 days to finally reach his house. As of now he ha sbeen admitted in the hospital for further treatment. Further investigation is going on to trace details of Karhen Sangma.