RTI exposes the abnormalities in SRWP scheme implementation


Shillong, September 14: The Meghalaya People’s United Front (MPUF) filed an RTI regarding the implementation of Special Rural Works Programme (SRWP) by four MLAs from the Jaintia Hills. The RTI exposes various abnormalities in the implementation of the work.

The MPUF President, Dawanpoimi Laloo stated that the MLAs from Nartiang, Mookaiaw, Raliang and Khliehriat had not adhered to the strict guidelines of the SWRP scheme. The Utilization Certificates(UC) was not submitted, even after six months of implementation of the project.

With regard to Nartiang, represented Sniawbhalang Dhar, Congress, MLA, the RTI revealed that a balance of Rs 6, 90, 000 from a total sanctioned amount of Rs 1 crore for the year 2014-15 is outstanding. While for the year 2015-16, the balance was Rs 14, 45, 000 against the sanction of Rs 1 crore and for 2016-17 out of the total sanction of Rs 2 crore the remaining balance was Rs 5, 35, 000.

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As for Raliang, Comingone Ymbon, Laloo went on to state that though the sanctioned amount has been used in the area, but no utilization certificate has been given yet.

With reference to the Mookaiaw constituency, Laloo said that no utilization certificate shows any information of implementation done properly.

The Khleriat circle being the most confusing, Michal Chyrmang, president, MPUF  said that Rs 54, 84, 736 remained as balance from Rs 1 crore sanctioned for the year 2013-14.

In connection with the odds found, Laloo said that a PIL will be filed after they received the utilisation certificates.

The MPUF President alleged that the remaining balance might have been used by the MLAs for their own benefits. He went on to caution the MLAs that they should implement schemes meant for the welfare of the public in a fair manner.