Salman Khan trolled by Arunachal boy Matin Rey in IFFI

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By Shabana Islam Laskar 

Guwahati/Goa, December 3: In a very interesting way Bollywood star Salman Khan was being trolled by his co-actor in the film ‘Tubelight’ Matin Ray Tangu during International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.

Both Salman and Arunachal boy Matin shared a very cute moment on stage on Tuesday in Goa. Salman had a sore throat and Matin made fun of Salman for that.

The host of the event actress Zaira Waseem asked Matin what did he learned from Salman during film Tubelight, to that Matin replied wittily that he did not learn anything from Salman instead he taught many things to Salman. Everyone including director Karan Johar, actress Sonali Bendre and the audience were laughing out loud on Matin’s instant reactions.

File Image of Matin teaching dance steps to Salman

In another incident Matin trolled Salman by saying don’t overact as everyone is watching you, Salman could not stop giggling over that. He further asked Salman why he did not visit Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh and when Salman asked Matin why he should visit Itanagar, what is the specialty of Itanagar, to that 8-year-old said that the air of Itanagar is very fresh and told Salman that his throat will be fine if he visits Itanagar.

Further, when director Karan Johar asked Matin to dance on a Salman Khan number he said no and when Karan insisted Matin, he smartly replied ‘no means no’, audience hooted with fun on that.

Another host of the event Sonali Bendre asked Matin if had learned anything from the film ‘Bajragi Bhaijaan’, Matin said he learned that no kid should go with any stranger.

Arunachal’s little boy entertained the audience to the fullest and the person who enjoyed Matin’s wit and innocence the most was Salman Khan himself who was trolled by Matin.