SC postponed hearing of Meghalaya Medical Seats case to Sept 18


Shillong, September 16: The Supreme Court on Friday postponed its date of hearing the case of denial of medical seats to candidates from Meghalaya to Sept 18th. Ten students belonging to the State of Meghalaya had been denied admission in any Assam-based medical colleges by the Assam Government.

Students were asked by the officials to be patient and be hopeful that decision will be in their favor as the case is still pending with the court.

The Assam Government’s abrupt decision to deny seats to the medical candidates from Meghalaya has led the matter to the court and currently there is much chaos between the two Governments relating to this issue. Assam government suddenly changed its rules for allocation of NEC quota seats and notified Meghalaya authorities about their decision at the last moment.

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Assam Government increased the OBC seats to 27% from the existing 15% and in order to make way for those seats they changed the earlier rule of allocating seats to Meghalaya students.