See Pics | The 21st Annual Midnight Icy Swim held in Shillong on New Year’s Eve!

Shillong, January 1: Did you know there was a Swimming Pool in Shillong where tonnes of ice are emptied on December 31 and revelers swim in it to welcome the New Year since two decades now?

The Midnight Swim is held every year by the Forever Young Club and the 21st time saw active participation of a number of people! The swim is held annually at Crinoline Swimming pool on December 31 as a way to welcome the New Year. It’s like a challenge as ice is added to the water in the pool and to add to the challenge this year, three and a half tonnes of ice was emptied inside the pool.

Shillong is known as the Rock Capital of India and such events only add to the coolness quotient.

Swimming in icy waters gives an adrenaline rush and studies suggest that cold-water swimming could be a treatment for depression, as it activates the sympathetic nervous system and increases blood levels of noradrenaline and beta-endorphin, which play an important role in the functioning of the heart.

Also, Cryotherapy, the application of extremely cold temperatures to the body, is often used by athletes who submerge themselves in ice-cold water for about 10 minutes. Research shows that this can decrease inflammation, promote healing and improve circulation.

Such a cool way to usher in the New Year in icy cold Shillong!