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    Seven Sisters On A Plate: This Guwahati Restaurant Makes It Possible

    Located at Rajgarh, The Morung has attracted gourmets as heard good things about the newest addition that is the Seven Sisters Thali on the social media.

    Don’t we all love to feast on Thalis? We all do and foodies across the country fall for the completeness a perfect Thali offers with the small delicious bowls of heaven. From the best traditional combination of vegetarian to non-vegetarian platters we just cannot get enough of the flavours of Indian spices. Yummy!

    Going by the demography, the sprawling city of Guwahati over the years has emerged as the nucleus of diverse food culture and apparently, the crowd loves to explore these cuisines. But did you know this city-based restaurant–The Morung is on a mission to bring the diverse flavours of Northeastern cuisine on a plate.

    Yes, you heard that correct–The Morung has its newest addition to their menu named– ‘Seven Sister’s Thali’ and this platter is love. The tempting platter has incorporated hand-picked dishes from the seven states of Northeast– Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. More cuisines are also on the cards to be added in their menu.

    “This ‘Seven Sister’s Thali’, is the newest addition to The Morung’s menu. It has seven prominent dishes from each state. We want to keep a dynamic flavour for each day so that most cuisines from each tribe is covered”, Arindam Bhargav, owner of The Morung informed Time8.

    Check Out the Dishes From the Northeastern States In The Platter

    Northeast on a plate. Photo credit: The Morung

    Arunachal Pradesh: The platter has Boiled Chicken with Mejenga(Zanthoxylum oxyphyllum leaves) and Sticky Rice. Arunachali cuisine is incomplete without bamboo and other leafy vegetables which are strictly boiled. Fried food is not very popular as people like their food either boiled or smoked.

    Assam: What is Axomiya cuisine without Masor Tenga(Fish sour curry), Khar and Bhoot Jolokia, right? Hence these folks have incorporated Masor Tenga(Fish Sour Curry), Aloo Pitika (Mashed Potatoes), Small Potato Fry, Roasted Tomato Chutney, Small Fish Fry, Kol Posola(Banana Stem), Amita Khar (Alkaline Papaya Curry), Banana Flower Fritters etc in their platter.

    Manipur: The dessert has been picked up from ‘The Jewelled Land’ with Sticky Rice Kheer to tickle to taste buds and also Eromba, a must-have of the Manipuris. There are as many as 20 variations of Eromba based on the availability of seasonal vegetables.

    Mizoram: The popular Mizo dish, Bai made of steamed vegetables along with pork, spinach and bamboo shoot spiced with local herbs has made its way to the ‘Seven Sister’s Thali’. Bai is a rock star dish from Mizoram. It is prepared in every household on a daily basis. The dish can be both vegetarian and its different many fish and dried pork fat version. Bamboo Shoot and Dry fish is widely used. Of the many ingredients, tender pumpkin leaves are most essential.

    Meghalaya: Doh-Khlieh, which is a delicious salad made out of minced meat, onions and chillies has also come all the way from Meghalaya to fit in the special thali. Doh-Khlieh is a very popular dish from Meghalaya which is prepared both by Khasi and Jaintia community. It’s a yummylicious pork salad to go with rice.

    Naga style Pork With Bamboo Shoot. Photo credit: The Morung Facebook page

    Nagaland: The best of Naga cuisine, Pork with Bamboo Shoot, Naga Curry, Raja Mircha, Dry Fish Chutney has also been brought together to complete the Thali. Pork with Bamboo Shoot is one of the most celebrated food items from Nagaland. The same is garnished with Raja Morcha (King Chilli and Mejenga). Naga Curry is a mixture of Potatoes and Red chilli.

    Tripura: From the beautiful northeastern state, the simple and indigenous dish, Gudok has been picked. Gudok means mashed. Traditionally, Gudok is prepared in major celebrations. It is a recipe
    consisting of berma or fermented fish, potato, snake beans, etc. Awesome in taste and wholesome in flavour. The dish is enjoyed both by tribes and non-tribes of Tripura.

    “Creating the same bonhomie and community feasting of Northeast region’s Morung culture, I came up with this idea of combining best of seven sister’s cuisines and replicate the ancient tradition of youthfulness and learning and sharing”, Arindam shared during a freewheeling chat.

    Pork with Laai Xaak (Mustard Greens). Photo credit: The Morung Facebook page

    The Morung

    One of the most colourful ingredients in tribes of Northeastern society is its “community life”. Traditionally, people of North East worked in groups, hunt in groups, and eat in groups. One of the
    finest examples of sharing and community life is Morung Culture. Morung is the first hut or home at the entrance of most tribal villages. It is a hangout place for youth also a learning centre. Worthwhile to mention that the Naga culture, customs and traditions which were transmitted from generations to generations through folk music and dance, folk tales and oral, wood carving and weaving were conveyed to the young in the Morungs.

    Public announcements of meeting, warnings of danger, enemy attack were made from the floor of Morung by beating log drums. The war veterans and elders of the village will visit Morung and teach the young generations about basketry, weapon making, war training, music, cooking, folk dance and sharing of meals amongst fellow participants. Sharing, Team Work and Community Feasting are ingrained and passed on from one generation to the next.

    Guwahati | Edited by: Vairabi Rajbonshi



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