Shocking | Mother beats minor son to death for losing Rs 10

Shillong, December 30: In a bizarre incident, mother beats her 14-year old son to death.

Rilang Pyngrope a resident of Shillong is a single mother of four children and belonged to a poor family.

Although there were no reports of Rilang’s livelihood, she is accused of abusing her children on a daily basis and this time it was her 14-year old son.

As per police reports Rilang had given Rs 10 to her minor son to buy eggs, however the boy spent the money without buying eggs and came back home.

Raged mother beat her son with a wood log who was later hospitalized and succumed to his injuries today.

However, she has reportedly been arrested today on charges of murder.

Speaking to TIME8, Spill Thamar, SP City Police, said, “She is a single mother and belonged to a poor family.”

Adding, “She has been taken into police custody today.”