Shocking | When Aizawl FC Players have to Sleep on Train Floor near a Smelly Toilet

Guwahati, February 12: In a very disgraceful incident that has gone viral on social media, the U-19 Aizwal FC Football team were seen sitting on the floor beside the toilet of a train while they were returning home after playing a tournament in Kolkata.

It is an utter shame that the young players got no reservation and had to spend their night beside the toilets while 18 other players remained scattered here and there. Seeing the poor plight of the players, a few co-passengers offered seats to some of the players but they refused as most of their teammates would not have seats to sit.

This pathetic incident has raised questions on the Football Fraternity of India. Although, it is not clear about who is to be blamed. But, the bitter fact is that if such young players are treated in this manner, then the future of football in the country is in a stake.

Reaction from Team 

They managed to book some tickets on ‘Tatkal’ but could not do reservations for all as according to one of the officials, they were in a hurry.

When asked about the reason behind not booking flight tickets, the Team Official said that they are not in a financial position to afford flight tickets for all age group teams. They expected more assistance from the organizers.

UPDATE : Aizawl FC U-19 Train Incident

The players had their tickets booked. Some of them were on wait-in-list. They had to board the train because rest were already aboard.

The TT assured that they would get the seats after a while hence the players traveled near the toilet for a while. But the good news is all players got reserved seats after a while, thanks to the Ticket Collector.

Input-Vivek Sangeneria