Six child labourers rescued in two days from Guwahati

Guwahati, December 7: Child labour now seems to be increasing in Guwahati with more than 300 cases reported within two years. To trace down these increasing cases, Labour Department and Dispur Police with the help of Childline have initiated an operation across various locations of Guwahati and succeeded to rescue six children who are forced to work as child labourers.

Sources informed that based on specific inputs that the Childline received on Wednesday, the Labour Department along with the police and Childline initiated an operation to track down certain cases of child labour.

The team on Wednesday conducted search operations in various locations of Panjabari, Rukminigaon and Sixmile. During the operation, the team succeeded in rescue four children aged 10 to 13 who were found working in various hotels and garages.

The operation continued on Thursday as well and two more children were rescued as well. All of these rescued children are currently under the custody of the Childline.

Sources revealed that in the past two years more than three hundred children were rescued from various locations of the city who were engaged in child labour. Most of these were children were engaged as household workers.

Labour Inspector, P Talukdar stated raids will now be conducted in almost every place where child labour related issues are reported. He added now the people encouraging child labour at their houses will be under strict scanner now.