Skyrocketing price of tomatoes in Mizoram

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By Shabana Islam Laskar 

Aizawl, November 24: The prices of tomatoes rose up to Rs 95-100 per kg in the markets of Aizawl in Mizoram.

The sudden rise in the price of tomatoes which is an important ingredient of Indian food has created a shortage of it in the local markets.

Heavy rainfall and flood in the Northeast region have caused a huge loss in the cultivation of tomatoes as tomato grows in dry season only.

Prices of tomatoes have been affected throughout the country, for instance, the prices soared in Mizoram, the national capital region (NCR), Bangalore, Karnataka etc.  As per the President of Tomato Merchant Association at Azadpur Mandi in Delhi, the largest wholesale market for vegetables and fruits in Asia, the market is currently facing a shortage of tomatoes as this year the production of tomato has been badly hit by untimely rainfall.

The worst affected State where the prices of tomatoes have risen up to the sky is Mizoram, as the price of one kilogram of tomatoes is between Rs 95-100.

In Bangaluru the price for one kg tomato is between Rs 45-50 and in retail markets of New Delhi the prices of tomatoes ranges between Rs 70-80.