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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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    Slurp: Did Anyone Say Steaming Hot Momos? Check It Out

    Northeasterns love to relish their white steamed filled buns with a cup of freshly served soup and chutney, however over the years, this delicacy has found some unique experiments and there is no end to these soft pieces of heaven with mouth-watering recipes.

    The dish which is believed to be of Tibetan origin is a culinary hotspot in almost all the seasons here but we just can’t get enough of the ‘monsoon ki baarish’ without a steaming hot plate of momos while enjoying the scenic beauty of NE amid lush green forests, abode of clouds, trippy hills giving us the much-deserved food coma.

    Did You Know

    Momo is a type of South Asian dumpling popular across the country. It is native to Tibet, Bhutan so on and also the NE region of Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh. The authentic momos are the steamed buns, however, it has found it’s touch-ups of mayonnaise, grill, fry with a generous amount of cheese and of course the ‘fillings’. The fillings depend on the preferences right from chicken, pork, beef to mushrooms, vegetables.

    A well-seasoned juicy momo hardly needs anything apart from freshly made fiery hot chutney.  It can also be served with fresh mint or coriander chutney, peanuts dip, garlic chili sauce or any other chutney.

    If you are drooling for a plate, worry less because we have your day sorted with a home-made momo recipe, BTW thank us later.

    Goodness in a basket. Photo credit: The Terrace Kitchen

    Hungry? Check Out This Simple Yet Delish Momo Recipe

    A soft drizzle outside the window calls for some warm food and momos are forever going to be a killer combination to serve your purpose. This is one of the simplest yet authentic chicken momo recipe for those days you choose not to go out but stay indoors.


    • One cup of minced chicken
    • Two cups of refined flour
    • Salt to taste
    • Two big onions
    • Chopped ginger
    • Chopped green chilies
    • 5/6 cloves garlic chopped
    • Two Teaspoons of Soy Sauce.


    Step 1

    Combine flour and salt in a bowl, mix well. Add sufficient water and knead into a soft dough. In another bowl, mix minced chicken, onions, ginger, green chillies, garlic, soya sauce and salt together and set aside.

    Step 2

    Divide dough into small portions and start shaping them into balls and roll out thinly. Put a teaspoon of the filling in the middle. Bring all edges together to the centre, making small tight potli (pack).

    Step 3

    Steam in a steamer for about twenty minutes.

    Step 4

    Serve hot with tomato-garlic sauce.

    Photo credit: Archana’s Kitchen

    Guwahati | Edited by Vairabi Rajbonshi


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