Sonowal is the biggest traitor of all time: Akhil Gogoi

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Delhi Bureau

New Delhi/Guwahati, January 10: Lambasting BJP led state government and central government, peasant leader Akhil Gogoi today addressing a press conference in New Delhi branded Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal as a traitor for welcoming 1.9 crores Hindu Bangladeshi through a proposed legislation. Gogoi said Sonowal who has lived his life adhering to regionalism is now putting up no resistance towards the proposed Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Gogoi also brought many other allegations against the incumbent CM. He said under his rule, the development process has stopped in Assam and government is resorting to organizing festivals to cover up its failures. Citing dredging of Brahmaputra as Sonowal’s dream project, Gogoi said, dredging of the mighty river is accomplished 45 metres across the length and breadth only to ensure easy water transport so that equipments of big dam constriction can be ferried easily. The sands to come out in the process will also be taken away by the central government to construct bridge in other parts of the country, added Gogoi.

Construction of Express Way in either side of the river is also a fallacy as there is no mention of it in the dredging project, said Gogoi.

Moreover, the central government is not granting even single paisa to the state government; rather it has terminated NEIIPP and special economic status to the state, added Gogoi.

Gogoi also spoke about state government’s move towards eradicating corruption. He branded it as mere theatrics. He said the government is putting up weak argument deliberately in the Supreme Court during Rakesh Paul’s bail plea hearing so that Paul can easily obtain bail. If the government is true in its anti-corruption move, then what is stopping it from arresting Gautam Roy and Akan Bora, asked Gogoi. He also dared the CM to arrest its own minister Ranjit Dutta.

Ending the press meet, Gogoi said Congress is not a competent alternative to BJP. That’s why Akhil along with other like-minded youth organizations in the country is coming up with a third electoral alternative and KMSS will lead this alternative in Assam.