Space technology used for cultivation of boro rice in Meghalaya


Shillong, January 9: A space technology is aiding for the selection of areas that are suited for growing and expanding cultivation of boro rice which is sown in winter and harvested in spring or in summer.

Boro is a special type of rice cultivation on residual or stored water in low-lying areas after the harvest of kharif (winter) rice.

The space technology has zoomed in on potential stretches in Meghalaya and offered a bird’s eye view of tracts that are best suited for growing boro season rice.

Royal Global University

The technology will also bridge the demand-supply gap in Meghalaya.

The North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) after the request by the Meghalaya’s Directorate of Agriculture to identify areas for expansion of boro rice in Meghalaya decided to tap into a suite of geospatial technologies.