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Spots To Burst Crackers, Time Limit, Flying Squad. All Deets Inside For Diwali In Guwahati

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With Diwali just two days away, the Guwahati police in order to keep a check on vendors violating the restriction placed on the selling of firecrackers in the city have formed flying squads under the supervision of various Assistant Commissioners of Police.

Commissioner of Police, Deepak Kumar on October 24th, 2019 informed about the flying squads and said that the flying squads will pay surprise visits to the places which have been restricted to sell firecrackers and punish those violating the order.

“A special flying squad has been formed under the Guwahati crime branch and in each district under the State Disaster Management Authority. As we have identified only 20 places in Guwahati to sell firecrackers, persons violating this rule will be punished,” said Kumar.

The places identified by the district administration for selling of firecrackers are –

  • Old Jail Campus, Fancy Bazaar
  • Pandu College Field
  • Dispur College Field
  • Borbari M.E. School, Dispur
  • Laalganesh Temple Field
  • Rajdhar Borah Higher Secondary School Field, Azara
  • Bonda Bihu Field
  • Chandrapur Higher Secondary School Field
  • Sonapur Mini Stadium
  • Khetri Gaon Panchayat Field
  • Ulubari Girls’ Higher Secondary School Field
  • Sonaram Higher Secondary School Field
  • Pachim Bora Gaon Prathamik Vidyalaya Field near Gorchuk
  • Pub Guwahati High School Field, Chandmari
  • Kachamari Ghat

Moreover, places have been identified for the bursting of crackers in the city. Also, the Central Guwahati police has prohibited the use of fireworks, bursting of crackers within a 500-meter radius from the Guwahati Refinery, Noonmati.

The time period for bursting firecrackers has been set between 8 pm to 10 pm in Guwahati.

Further, the following Executive Magistrates (EMs) along with concerned departmental officers have been entailed with Diwali duty and you can contact them in case you come across people who violate the rules.

The concerned EMs and officers will conduct –

  • Joint inspections to monitor the commercial stockiest/retailers of firecrackers and stop the use of firecrackers generating noise level exceeding the prescribed limit.
  • Monitor stockiest/retailers of the firecrackers who are selling Chinese firecrackers in the market which are banned by the Government of India.
  • Monitor and supervise smooth conduct of Kali Puja and Diwali in the district.
  • The representative of FCS and CA will ensure minimum cost difference of firecrackers in the market.
  • The representatives of the Excise department will ensure that nobody in the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances create any public nuisance.
  • The officers will ensure that the retail selling of firecrackers will be done only in the designated places identified by the District Administration.
  • Lastly, the team will monitor the proper cleaning of the area and smooth disposal of garbage from the streets of GMC area in the morning hours of the next day of Diwali.

Photo credit: Caravan Daily

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