‘Swati’: Country’s oldest tiger, no more

Image: UB Photos

Guwahati, July 16: ‘Swati’. The grand old lady of Assam State Zoo is no more. The oldest tiger in captivity in the country, died in the Assam State Zoo here in the wee hours of Sunday, with officials saying she died of old age. She was 20.

After arriving in Guwahati in 2005 from Mysore Zoo, the Royal Bengal Tigress gave birth to six cubs and has always been a favorite among the visitors to the Zoo. Birina, a tigress currently in the Assam State Zoo is one among Swati’s cubs.

The carcass of the tigress was consigned to flames inside the Zoo premises in the afternoon.

With the death of Swati, the Assam State Zoo is left with two Royal Bengal Tigers and two White Tigers. It is to be noted that all four tigers in the Zoo are females.