Tamulpur locals construct bamboo bridge for communication

Tamulpur, November 8: At a time when the Assam Government is launching new schemes for constructing roads and bridges, the locals of Tamulpur, Guwakuchi, Chapatol and many other villages are struggling due to lack of a concrete bridge over the Dimila river.

“Even after several appeals made by the local villagers of Tamulpur, which is a subdivision of Baksa district, the government has not paid any heed to our request to build a concrete bridge. Hence, every year the villagers spend their own savings to construct a bamboo bridge without any assistance from the government. But monsoon brings its own share of woes,” said a local villager.

He added, “We remain disconnected from the rest of the district during the monsoon. The students fail to go to their schools, businessmen are forced to stay at home. We are even deprived of free ambulance services due to lack of a concrete bridge.”

The locals said that the demand for a concrete bridge was taken up with the local MLA Emmanuel Mosahary, MP Naba Sarania and EM of BTC Deben Boro.

“The political leaders shouldn’t come to this village begging for votes until and unless they constrict a bridge,” added another local.