Tea workers stage stir in Karimganj demanding wage hike


Silchar, September 12: A large number of workers of the Hatikhira tea garden in southern Assam’s Karimganj district resorted to ceasework on Wednesday demanding hike in wages.

Around 400 workers including Nitai Tanti, Baburam Pashi, Mithun Rabidas and Chandan Rabidas among others gathered in front of the tea garden office around 7:45 am and raised slogans voicing their demands.

“The daily wage of workers of the Barak Valley and Brahmaputra Valley are different for so many years now. Even though many governments came to power and gave assurances, the fate of the Barak Valley tea garden people remained unchanged,” the agitating workers said.

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“Many political leaders made tall promises regarding developing the tea garden but they soon disappear after every elections. The tea garden workers of the Barak Valley get paid Rs 115 as daily wage even though seven decades have passed since Independence,” the workers added.

Another worker added, “A circular was issued by the government in the month of July this year. As per the circular, an amount of Rs 30 was to be added with the current daily wage of the workers of the valley. However, even though two months have passed, this has not been implemented. The circular is in effect in Brahmaputra Valley since August 1.”