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    The Caffeine Fix: Try these 5 types of coffee

    Measuring the exact amount of beans, grinding them, preparing your filter, and slowly pouring water over the fresh coffee grounds? Yes please!

    There’s much more to coffee than just that strong, bitter cup of joe that raises you from the dead every morning. In fact, the morning routine of coffee lovers is drastically different from what you might expect. For them, preparing coffee is a calming and mindful ritual. Those wonderful aromas and exquisite notes ease them into the new day.

    Simply throwing a few scoops of ground coffee into the coffee maker and turning the switch on? Nope.

    But measuring the exact amount of beans, grinding them, preparing your filter, and slowly pouring water over the fresh coffee grounds? Yes please!

    But if you happen to try coffee in coffee shops to release your day’s woes and stress with its aroma and taste and you find it confusing to shortlist the best ones, you can refer to these five types of coffee that are certain to not disappoint you.


    Picture Credit: Perfect Daily Grind

    Not many know that Cappuccino started as an Italian beverage. Variations of the drink involve the use of cream instead of milk, and flavouring with cinnamon or chocolate powder into the espresso. It is typically smaller in volume than a caffe latte, with a thick layer of microfoam.

    This type was introduced to cater to people who liked their coffee less strong and creamy. Since its inception in 1930s, cappuccino has managed to travel all across the world, including quaint little cafes in small towns.

    The name comes from the Capuchin friars, referring to the color of their habits, and in this context referring to the color of the beverage when milk is added in small portion to dark, brewed coffee, today mostly espresso.


    Picture Credit: Laboratorio dell’espresso

    Espresso is the most concentrated form of coffee that is typically brewed in a filter full of finely grounded coffee beans and boiling water. Espresso coffee can be made with a wide variety of coffee beans and roast degrees.

    It is generally thicker than coffee brewed by other methods, with a viscosity of warm honey. But in absence of sugar, you are guaranteed to get a kick you require to stay up late hours for reasons best known to you. What’s interesting is Espresso happens to be best ingredient for building up other coffee drinks like Mocha, Americano, and Cappuccino.


    Latte, the shortened name of Italian Cafe Latte, is nothing but espresso with steamed milk, usually topped with a shallow pool of steamed milk foam.

    The word comes from the Italian cafe latte, which means “coffee and milk”. This coffee is much sweeter as compared to an espresso because of the steamed milk and micro-foam floating on the top.

    Variants in this type of coffee include the chocolate-flavoured mocha or replacing the coffee with another drink base such as masala chai, mate, matcha, turmeric or rooibos; other types of milk, such as soy milk or almond milk, are also used.

    Caffe Mocha

    Picture Credit: Ratlamee

    If you are chocoholic, Mocha is sure to tantalize your taste buds. This chocolate flavoured coffee drink is also popularly known as Mochaccino which is traditionally prepared with espresso, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and hot milk.

    A variant is white caffee mocha, made with white chocolate instead of milk or dark. There are also variants of the drink that mix two syrups; this mixture is referred to by several names including black and white mocha marble mocha, tan mocha, tuxedo mocha, and zebra mocha.

    The star ingredient of the dish is the chocolate syrup or cocoa powder which leaves a fine, subtle aroma. Some coffee lovers like their Mocha when added with cinnamon, caramel, or other toppings.

    Irish Coffee

    Picture Credit: MiddleNeck News

    Irish coffee is a mix of espresso, sugar, and Irish whiskey. This drink is a combination of ingredients that make it perfect to slurp on after an intense workout or for unwinding on a weekend. Some people like their Irish version of coffee with a little bit of whipped cream floating on top.

    It is also told that the original maker of the now infamous Irish coffee was invented by Joseph Jackson, who whilst fighting in World War II made the drink in an effort to keep his comrades awake through the night under attack from German soldiers.


    Picture Credit: The Irish Times

    Americano is just a simple blend of espresso and hot water. This drink has a unique history and originated during the Second World War when the American soldiers posted on duty in Italy diluted their espresso with hot water. This gave rise to the American version of Italian coffee.

    The variations of this type of coffee are; Iced Americano, Lungo, Caffe Crema, and Red Eye.

    Now go, grab yourself some steamy hot coffee and lighten up your day and mood!


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