The Common Naga is equally corrupt!


Nagaland surely is among the most corrupt places in India. The usual politicians and bureaucrats merrily looting at will. These are people with no conscience. I have sat down with some Naga politicians and interacted with them and it is sad because after brief interactions I have realized that these are people with no vision and no responsibility towards our people.

I’ve met quite a lot of bureaucrats, most are well educated but then soon you realize the greed in their hearts. It is sad, really sad.

Having said that pointing at the Netas and Babus only will be very unfair. The Common Naga is equally corrupt. You will see the Common Naga in their glory especially during elections. Going to each candidate’s house and demanding huge sums of money if they want their votes and it is such an accepted practice that candidates go out distributing money for votes. For common Naga men election means the gravy train has arrived! And ah! Proxy voting- I don’t even want to talk about it! Do not forget about Common Nagas lobbying for backdoor jobs for them or their relatives from candidates if they win or the Boleros or Scorpios they get to help the candidates in the electioneering process. How we squeeze out money from candidates and now election means candidates spending crores! Public are playing their part in bleeding Nagaland dry.

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We Nagas take pride in calling ourselves as Christians but we follow no true Christian principles. A small example is how we tweak the meter box so that electric bills comes less than how much we consume. We common Nagas are stealing electricity? Will Jesus approve of that?

Naga pastors condemn corruption on the pulpit meanwhile they lobby with the politicians to secure backdoor jobs for their children! What hypocrisy!

So-called honest Christian government teachers not going to their place of posting but keeping proxy teachers and merely drawing salary while serving as Sunday School teachers in the Church!!! These people are spitting on the face of Jesus.

Nagas indulge in a lot of dirty bribing to get their jobs done. Aren’t we abetting corruption?
It in fact starts from school and colleges when students make fake income certificates to get Central education scholarships for tribal students. Everyone’s father becomes a farmer when applying for scholarship and many of them are children of IAS or IPS!!! This is misuse of Government money and this is by students.
We can point out at the dirt in the mansions but do you realize how dirty your own kitchen is? Sweep your kitchen first then point out at the dust and cobwebs in the mansions.

Change needs to begin from within. It has to be brought about by every single Naga. We have no right to point fingers at a Minister’s convoy when you are driving a Honda city which was bought by misusing a government scheme.