The predator might be a dog: Manipur chief conservator of forest


Imphal, December 6:The mystery around the livestock killing is soon going to be disclosed with the Manipur forest department announcing to make its findings public once they get it..

Meanwhile, the department suspects that it could be the work of a rogue canine.

The investigation team consisting of wildlife experts and two forensic scientists from Wildlife Institute of India (WII) Dehradun had been setting up camera traps and collecting samples from different parts where these killing were sighted since November 1 and will soon submit the reports, Anurag Bajpai chief conservator of forest, told media persons at the Sanjenthong head office.

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Based on prima facia evidence, Bajpai said that the predator maiming the livestock could be a canine.

“Dogs have an instinct of getting aggressive during this season. They also have the behaviour of eating only intestinal part of livestock which has a high content of protein and fat. Moreover, the report of missing dogs in the state is also very high”.


Bajpai further informed that two chickens were also reportedly killed at Churachandpur on Wednesday, which the owner has confirmed that it was carried out by a dog. Th. Mahendrapratap, who is also the chief conservator of the forest department, has appealed to the people not to harm the wild animal at any cost.

“It will be a great loss to the state if the wild animals are killed out of mere suspicion particularly when the species are endangered ones”, he said.

While the total number of livestock killed since October stands at 145, the killing has declined considerably.

The first incident of the killing of livestock was first reported in Chiengkawnpang village in Churachandpur district on October 27 wherein a large number of chickens and ducks of the villagers were killed with its mutilated carcasses left behind. Even as a Special Surveillance Team was formed aftermath the killing comprising of the police, district authority, CSOs etc the killings continued unabated and spread across other districts.