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    This Holi get high on flavors; Twist your Thandai with these awesome recipes

    As with other things involved in the festival of colours, the cooling drink now comes in various flavours and colours.

    This Holi get high on flavors; Twist your Thandai with these awesome recipes

    Thandai is the ultimate Holi drink. This is the one thing that people absolutely love drinking while enjoying the festival of colors. It is made by mixing some warm water, dry fruits, cardamom powder, pepper, fennel seed power, khus-khus, rose petals, and blending them into a fine paste. Then this paste is chilled and added to cold milk. A dash ‘bhaang’ (cannabis) is an added incentive to let their hair down.

    Thandai can be made in a number of ways. One can enhance it to brace up with their nourishment game or simply to mix things up. As with other things involved in the festival of colours, the cooling drink now comes in various flavours and colours.

    Here are some delicious thandai recipes one can try this festive season.

    Classic Thandai

    Well, one can’t ignore the Holi staple – the classic thandai. The thandai – creamy, sweet and chilled mix – is mixed with spices such as fennel, cardamom, saffron, peppercorns, rose petals, melon seeds, and poppy seeds along with dried nuts for a crunch. Add a subtle dose of bhang for a high-spirited affair!

    Rose Thandai

    Rose Thandai is a luscious version of the regular Thandai. Rose has cooled, slightly cutting energetic. The enthralling aromatics of rose water really raise the fondue recipe to something festive level.

    Also, you can prepare thandai mix at home or purchase one from the market that comes as a premix of ingredients including herbs and spices. Mix as per the directions given on the pack. For the enchanting rose flavour, either add gulkand to it or grind fresh rose and mix it with the thandai mix and milk.

    Guava Thandai

    This one’s for those who are nor yet to say ta-ta to guavas. Try this opulent and wholesome guava seasoned thandai loaded with nuts and scented spiced.

    To your conventional thandai jar, add fresh pink guava pulp. For that, just blend some guavas and sieve the mixture to get rid of the seeds. Add a handful of chopped nuts, chia seeds and scented spices to make the perfect thandai glass. Serve chilled to your guests.

    Ice Tea Thandai

    Aficionados of Ice-tea raise your hand. This ultimate chilled creation is one fusion you must try this festive season. Made with the tasty goodness of Assam tea, almonds, khus khus, fennel seeds and cardamom, this revitalizing and aromatic beverage are an instant mood-lifter.

    Just like how refreshing and soothing iced tea can be during the hot summer weather, iced tea thandai would also do wonders in cooling down the body heat. Boil milk with some tea leaves (either Assam tea or other herbal teas), cardamom and dry fruits. The ultimate tea thandai is ready!

    Almond Milk Thandai

    Amidst all the play, chatter, endless singing and dancing, it is natural for you to need some fuel to make sure the energy levels don’t take a dip. This wonderful and refreshing beverage is made with the goodness of almonds, aromatic spices and protein rich seeds.

    Thandai Phirni

    What happens when a festive dessert meets festive cold drink? It gives birth to another culinary whizz just like this thandai phirni. This quick dessert brings the lavish goodness of milk and a nutty charm of almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts and a whole lot of spices.

    Phirni is a loved dessert made with milk and rice. To make this, first prepare thandai like you would usually do. Now, boil this mixture and add broken rice or blended rice to it. Let them boil and keep stirring from time to time until you get the right phirni texture. Add dry fruits and saffron strands to make it look palatable.

    Mango Thandai

    For most of us, summer is incomplete without a touch of mango. The mango thandai is made with mango puree and garnished with nuts and spices.

    Just blend in freshly chopped mangoes with skimmed milk and add thandai mix to it. You can also add some sugar or natural sweeteners to make it sweet since mangoes would be having tanginess to them. Add generous amount of nuts and seeds to make it wholesome and healthy. 

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